Umweltprüfung und Umweltsimulation von paconsult


PAConsult Swiss is accredited adaptably and offers within the scope of the accreditation a comprehensive achievement spectrum. By regular internal and external audits we adapt our quality of testing to the continuously growing demands.

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Everything from a Single Source

  • Individual environmental test plans
  • climate, corrosion and protection class testing (IP)
  • drop, buckle, vibration and jolting tests
  • RTCA test
  • Damage prevention through risk analysis
  • Broad base of experience, both with small and large components 
  • Development support
  • Very flexible, reliable, timely handling and high professional competence
  • Accredited for numerous standards



PAConsult Swiss – Your partner for environmental tests!

We are a flexible accredited laboratory that operates in accordance to european and international norms as well as quality standards.  Whether transport simulation, design tests or IP-tests is what you are looking for - we perform tests to examine the quality of your product.

Due to our broad range of services we are able to construct conditions of the future place of action by laboratory simulations. Furthermore, we meet the specifics of each of our customer's industrial sector. Try and assure our experience yourself.

Our customers

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