Accelerated Aging

We can use our climatic testing equipment to complete all kinds of artificial aging tests on your transportation packaging. We have a wide variety of climatic cabinets and chambers that can simulate both extreme temperatures and humidity levels as well as quick temperature fluctuations. One special feature of our laboratories is our universal equipment, which allows us to complete accelerated aging tests on even small packaging materials and tests on pallets and transport containers ready to ship up to 2.9 meters tall.

All accelerated aging data must be verified against real-time aging data. We can offer aging at a controlled 23 °C and 50 % relative humidity, or at monitored room temperature if this is sufficient.

Standards: ASTM D4728, ISTA Series, DIN EN 2247

Vibration & shock testing

We offer 15 different test systems to complete the vibration and shock tests required in a transport simulation. Test devices differ in the force vectors, amplitudes, and frequency ranges they offer. Electro-dynamic, servo-hydraulic and pneumatic testing systems are available in our laboratory for your mechanical tests. Our equipment covers a range from 0 to 3,000 Hz. The maximum amplitude of our shaker is 4 inches; the maximum shock load is 1,500 g.

Our equipment is designed to test packaging systems from small packages to transport pallets up to 1,000 kg.

Standards: ASTM D4728, ISTA Series, DIN EN 2247

Shake testing

Our shake testing systems provide time-saving and inexpensive testing for packaging systems. Shake tests focus on cardboard and padding durability testing.

Damage patterns such as wear or general material fatigue on packaging materials can also be triggered. Our systems can both fatigue padding and test mechanical damage to packaged products. Shake tests are completed in a standard range between 2 and 5 Hz.

Standards: ASTM D999, ISTA Series, DIN EN 2247

Fall testing

Fall tests are completed as simulations of improper handling and simulations of the transportation process. paconsult test benches for fall tests can be used to test both packaging systems and prototypes.
Automated fall testing can be completed on objects with an up to 2 meter edge length and a mass of up to 100 kg.

Fall tests using fall hooks are available up to a fall height of 3 meters with an up ot 250 kg test sample weight.

Standards: ASTM D5276, ISTA Series, DIN EN 22248

Upset pressure testing

Upset pressure tests are used to demonstrate the practical capabilities of a packaging system. Packaging is exposed to a vertical load, either short-term or long-term, which simulates the load it should handle during storage.
Our upset pressure presses facilitate automated testing at a constant load and can continuously increase loads on packaging systems with an area of 1.2 x 1.2 meters. Packaging may have a maximum height of up to 2,000 mm.

Standards: ASTM 642, DIN EN 12048, DIN EN ISO 2234, ISTA Series

Slanted surface

Mechanical shocks, such as those which can be caused on a loading surface or if packaging is mishandled with a forklift, can be simulated for packaging systems (such as transport pallets or crates) on our slanted surface.
Our slanted surfaces allow us to complete tests on transportation crates and pallets with an area of 0.96 m x 1.25 m with a maximum load of 500 kg.

Standards: ASTM D 4169, ISTA Series

Low air pressure

pacconsult offers a powerful low pressure chamber for simulating air transportation requirements.
The chamber’s pressure ranges between 25 and 2,000 mbar. Packaging with an edge length up to 650 mm can be tested.

Fall tests using fall hooks are available up to a fall height of 3 meters and up to 250 kg prototype weight.

Normen: ASTM D 4991